Scholarship Application Organizer Guide - Free Template Included

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Scholarship Application Organizer Guide - Free Template Included

The quest for scholarships can be both exciting and overwhelming. With numerous deadlines to juggle, applications to complete, and loads of paperwork, you may need help staying organized. If you are caught up in this web, we’ve created a guide that will show you what you need to streamline your whole scholarship journey: A Scholarship Application Organizer.

In this article, you will learn:


  • What a scholarship application organizer is

  • Why you need a scholarship application organizer

  • The types of scholarship application organizers

  • Benefits of using a scholarship application organizer 

  • How to set up and use a scholarships application organizer 

  • How to download and use our free scholarship application organizer template


What is a Scholarship Application Organizer? 

A scholarship organizer is a tool (either digital or physical) that you can use to keep track of all your scholarship deadlines so that you don’t miss one. Essentially, this tool streamlines your whole scholarship application process and makes you more organized, especially if you are applying for multiple scholarships. If you are actively applying for scholarships, you need a scholarship organizer. 


Why Do You Need a Scholarship Application Organizer?

Here are some reasons why you need a scholarship application organizer during your quest of finding a scholarship: 

1. Staying Organized

Juggling multiple applications with varying deadlines and requirements can be overwhelming. An organizer lets you keep all information in one place, keeping track of deadlines, eligibility criteria, submission portals, and required materials.

2 Tracking Your Deadlines

Scholarship deadlines are often strict. With an organizer, you can set reminders, flag approaching deadlines, and ensure you submit applications on time. You have a lesser chance of missing a due date when you track your deadlines. 

3. Streamlining Your Workflow

With a scholarship application organizer, you don’t have to worry about searching for lost documents or hurrying to meet last-minute requirements. Some digital organizers allow you to store essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other documents in a single location for easy access and revisions.

4. Boosting Your Efficiency

No more wasting time switching between platforms or hunting for different information. An organizer facilitates a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus on crafting solid applications instead of managing logistics.

5. Staying Motivated

Seeing your progress visually can be very motivating. An organizer helps you track applications submitted, materials completed, and deadlines met, keeping you focused and energized throughout the process.

6. Boosting Your Chances of Success

Staying organized allows you to focus on crafting solid essays and accurately completing applications, which eventually increases your chances of landing scholarships.


Types of Scholarship Application Organizers

There are several ways to create a scholarship application organizer:

1. Digital Tools

There are many free and paid apps and online platforms that serve as scholarship organizers. These offerings often have features like deadline reminders, document storage, and application tracking.

2. Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet can be a powerful scholarship organizer. You can simply create columns for scholarship names, deadlines, requirements, links, and submission status on a spreadsheet to keep you on track. Alternatively, just download our scholarship organizer spreadsheet template and edit to save you a lot of stress. 

3. Physical Planners or Notebooks

If you prefer a hands-on approach, a dedicated notebook or planner can serve as your scholarship organizer. Create sections for each scholarship, listing deadlines, requirements, and space to track progress.


What are the Benefits of Using a Scholarship Application Organizer?

Here are some other benefits of using a scholarship application organizer:

1. Identify Scholarship Trends

Keeping all your scholarship applications in one place allows you to identify and understand scholarship trends - required documents, the specific fields prominent sponsors target, and your preferred skills. This helps you tailor your applications and increase your chances of success.

2. Reduce Application Stress

Knowing you have an organized system in place can significantly reduce the stress associated with scholarship applications. This allows you to approach the process with focus and confidence.

3. Develop a Scholarship Application Strategy

An organized approach allows you to create a strategic timeline for application submissions. This ensures you prioritize scholarships with the most attractive awards and deadlines.


How To Set Up and Use a Scholarship Application Organizer

Here’s how to set up your scholarship application organizer and use it:

1. Choose Your Scholarship Organizer Format

The first thing you need to do is select the kind of scholarship organizer you would like to use. We have already highlighted and explained some types of organizers. You can decide to use a digital app, spreadsheets, or physical planners/notebooks.  

2. Set Up Your Organizer

No matter your chosen format, here are some essential steps to set up your scholarship application organizer:

  • Create an all-in-one list: Compile a comprehensive list of all scholarships you're applying to in the organizer. Include details like scholarship name, award amount, deadline, and website link.

  • Detail all the Requirements: For each scholarship, list the required application materials (essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.)

  • Set Deadlines and Reminders: Highlight deadlines and set reminders well in advance. You can use calendar alerts or built-in notification features offered by digital tools.

  • Organize Your Documents: Store all application materials (essays, transcripts, etc.) in a designated location. Digital scholarship organizers may provide you with secure storage, while physical organizers can have dedicated folders.

  • Develop a Tracking System: Create a system to track your application progress. You can mark completed steps (e.g., essay draft finished, recommendation letter written, transcript requested) for each scholarship.

3. Using Your Organizer

Once your organizer is set, here’s how to dive into scholarship applications with efficiency:

  • Strategic Planning: Use your list to create a timeline for different applications. Prioritize scholarships based on deadlines and award amounts.

  • Staying on Top of Deadlines: Never miss a deadline. Use reminders and any other deadline-highlighting features to keep you on track.

  • Stay Focus: Focus on crafting robust applications knowing all materials are readily available.

  • Tracking Progress: Stay motivated by visually checking your progress at regular intervals. Seeing completed applications can keep you motivated.


Lastly, consider adding notes to your organizer to track trends. Identify recurring requirements or essay prompts across different scholarships. This will help you tailor your applications and maximize your chances of success.


Scholarship Application Organizer Template

Download the ScholarshipBob Scholarship Application Organizer Template here.


Below, we’ve provided a guide on how to use our scholarship application organizer:

1. Download the scholarship organizer template

  • The first step to take is to download our scholarship organizer template via the link above.

  • Click on the link above to download our template. If you would like to edit, save a copy to your computer. 

2. Populate Your Spreadsheet

  • As you discover scholarship opportunities on ScholarshipBob, list them in your spreadsheet.

  • Fill in the details for each scholarship based on the application materials.

3. Organize Your Files

  • Create a dedicated folder on your computer or cloud storage for each scholarship.

  • Store all relevant documents (essays, transcripts, etc.) within these folders for easy access.

4. Prioritize Applications

  • Use your spreadsheet to identify deadlines and prioritize applications based on their attractiveness (award amount and alignment with your academic goals).

  • Highlight close deadlines for upcoming applications to keep you focused.

5. Track Your Progress

  • Take note of your progress (completed essays, uploaded documents) in your spreadsheet. This will keep you motivated.

Lastly, don't depend solely on your spreadsheet deadlines. You also need to set additional reminders in your calendar or phone to ensure you submit applications well before deadlines.


Final Thoughts

A scholarship application organizer is an invaluable tool for any student seeking to maximizing their scholarship opportunities. By leveraging organization, efficient workflows, and strategic planning, you can effectively manage your scholarship application processes and pave the way to your academic dreams. So, choose your organizer, organize your applications, and confidently conquer your scholarship application.

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