Call for Nomination: Kacie Peters Impact Award 2024

Applications for the Kacie Peters Impact Award are now open. The distinguished Kacie Peters Impact Award was created in remembrance of the late, fervent supporter of sustainability and renewable energy, Kacie Peters.

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About Kacie Peters Impact Award

Opportunity Details

This award seeks to honor those who, in keeping with the principles and commitment that Kacie Peters embodied throughout her life, have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable energy sector. The Kacie Peters Impact Award winner will be made known to the public on October 9–11, 2024, during the WRISE Leadership Forum. At a unique ceremony organized in connection with the WRISE Leadership Forum, they will be acknowledged.

Benefits of Kacie Peters Impact Award

  • During the yearly WRISE Leadership Form, the Kacie Peters Impact Award winner will be acknowledged and given a tangible award. WRISE will pay for or reimburse the awardee’s conference and travel expenses.

The following costs will be met by WRISE for the prize recipient:

  • The grantee will receive economy airfare to the WRISE Leadership Forum (the “Forum”), which will take place in Washington, DC, from October 9–October 11, 2024.
  • Forum registration fee;
  • Up to three nights at the Forum’s official hotel (Omni Shoreham Hotel), or another hotel in the area if the official hotel isn’t available;
  • Expenses often related to travel, like taxi fare from the airport to the hotel;
  • The beneficiary will file a request for reimbursement for travel expenses, together with the necessary paperwork, such as statements and receipts. $4770 is the maximum covered amount, which includes the registration cost and hotel reservation.
  • Any expenses above the cap will be borne by the recipient.
  • All lodging and travel costs have to be reasonable. Any travel or lodging costs deemed exorbitant will not be reimbursed or paid for, in WRISE’s sole discretion.

Kacie Peters Impact Award Requirments

  • Those who have made outstanding achievements to the renewable energy sector are eligible to apply for the Kacie Peters Impact Award.
  • The award criteria must be met by the nominees.

Award Criteria:

  • Passion for Clean Energy: The recipient has to exhibit an unwavering love for renewable energy sources and a dedication to furthering environmentally friendly solutions. They ought to be motivated by a strong sense of purpose to build a more sustainable and clean future.
  • Community Building: The recipient must demonstrate a history of actively promoting relationships, teamwork, and a feeling of belonging in the clean energy industry. Their actions ought to have strengthened and connected the renewable energy community.
  • Advocacy and Leadership: Those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and activism in advancing sustainable development and clean energy should be honored with this award. They ought to have been a major force behind the advancement of clean energy solutions acceptance.
  • Resilience and Perseverance: Candidates should, like Kacie Peters, demonstrate tenacity and resolve in facing difficulties and barriers, especially while pursuing sustainable energy objectives. Others should be motivated by their capacity to endure hardship in the face of success.
  • Dedication to Equity and Inclusion: Give recognition to those who have made a concerted effort to advance inclusion, equity, and diversity in the clean energy sector. They need to have done a lot more to guarantee that everyone could profit from renewable energy.
  • Positive Mentorship: Honor those who have inspired and guided others to seek jobs and projects in the clean energy sector by acting as mentors or role models. The following generation of leaders in clean energy should benefit greatly and permanently from their mentoring.
  • Impact on Future Generations: Think about people whose efforts and commitment can leave a lasting legacy and encourage upcoming generations to seek out renewable energy alternatives. They ought to be spearheading constructive change that will assist future generations.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Honor those who have effectively advanced sustainable energy programs by working with a variety of stakeholders, including the government, business community, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Their combined efforts ought to have produced significant advancements in the field of clean energy.

Selection Process:

  • Review of Nominations: During the nomination period, all nominations received will be reviewed by the selection committee. Every candidate will be assessed according to how well they meet the requirements for the award.
  • Scoring Criteria: To evaluate each nominee’s qualifications, the selection committee will employ a scoring system. To choose finalists, the scoring system will assign a number between 1 and 5 to each of the following criteria: impact on future generations, collaboration and partnerships, resilience and perseverance, advocacy and leadership, passion for clean energy, community building, resilience and perseverance, positive mentorship, and dedication to equity and inclusion.
  • Deliberation: To determine who is most worthy of the Kacie Peters Impact Award, the selection committee will discuss each of the contenders. Members of the committee will take into account the nominee’s accomplishments, influence, and contributions to the clean energy industry.
  • Final Selection: The Kacie Peters Impact Award winner will be chosen by the selection committee based on the discussion and scoring procedure. The recipient will be a living example of the commitment and morals that Kacie Peters has shown throughout her career.
  • Announcement: The beneficiary will get notification after they have been selected. At the WRISE Leadership Forum, the award laureate will be declared in public. At a unique ceremony organized in connection with the event, the recipient will be recognized.
  • Acknowledgment: The Kacie Peters Impact Award winner will be acknowledged for their exceptional achievements to the clean energy industry and their personification of the principles that Kacie Peters has championed.

Application Date and Process

  • Click on the link to the application website to apply

Application Deadline

31 July, 2024

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