Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico for International Students

The Mexican government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) is offering Excellence Scholarships for Foreigners for the year 2024. These scholarships are open to international students who want to pursue specialty, Master’s, doctorate, Ph.D., postgraduate research, undergraduate, and postgraduate student mobility programs in Mexico.

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About Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico

Opportunity Details

Administered by AMEXCID (The Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation), the Mexican Government Excellence Scholarship program enables students from over 180 countries to study in more than 91 Mexican Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). These scholarships highlight Mexico’s progress in various scientific and humanities fields.

By awarding Excellence Scholarships, Mexico aims to strengthen its global role and demonstrate its commitment to promoting the development of high-level human capital through cooperation actions.


These scholarships will also increase the presence of international students, academics, scientists, women, and men in Mexico, contributing to the establishment of long-term dialogue bridges and enriching the foreign policy agenda. Additionally, the Mexican academic community and HEIs will benefit from greater internationalization.

Mexican Government Scholarship Timeline and Details

Application Announcement: 16 May

Applications Deadline: 28 June 2024 (3:00 PM Central Mexico time)

Notification of Results:  5 – 9 August 2024

Start of Activities: From September to 8 December

Host institutions: 91 Mexican Higher Education Institutions

Eligible Countries: 180 Countries

Scholarship Type: Fully Funded

Fields of Study: Various Fields

Study Level and Duration:

  • Undergraduate Mobility Program: 24 months maximum
  • Master’s Mobility Program: 12 months maximum
  • Master’s Program: 24 months maximum
  • Doctoral Program: 36 months maximum
  • Postgraduate Research Stays (Master’s, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral): 12 months maximum

Benefits of Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico

Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico cover the necessary expenses:

  • Monthly stipend of four times with the amount of $13,202.12 for Master’s scholarships, Undergraduate Mobility Program, Master’s levels, and Master’s level research.
  • A monthly stipend of 5 (five) times the monthly value of the UMA, currently equivalent to $16,502.65 for doctoral and research stays at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels.
  • Enrollment and tuition fees
  • Medical insurance through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)
  • Payment waiver for issuing the Mexican visa
  • International air flight transportation upon satisfactory completion of the academic program
  • National Transportation

Important Notes:

  • AMEXCID will purchase the air flight ticket in all applicable cases; any ticket purchased individually will not be subject to refunds.
  • Any changes to the airline ticket purchased by AMEXCID from the recipient are not payable.
  • For national ground transportation, the scholarship recipient should pay for the bus fare and will receive reimbursement for the amount spent.

Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico Requirments

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants should be national of one of 180 eligible countries
  • Have a bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. degree according to the level of the program requested
  • The application registration must be in Spanish
  • Have an average grade point of 80 % in a recent degree obtained.
  • Admitted to a Mexican University listed in this post above
  • Applicant should be living outside of Mexico at the time of application.

List of eligible countries: (188 countries + 12 non-self-governing territories)


Apply to Mexican Government Excellence Scholarship if you are from the following countries:

 North America

Canada, Canada / Province of Quebec


 Latin America (9 countries)

Plurinational State of Bolivia, Argentine Republic, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Republic of Chile, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Paraguay, Republic of Peru, Federative Republic of Brazil, Oriental Republic of Uruguay


 Africa (54 countries – all countries in Africa)

Burkina Faso, State of Eritrea, Eswatini, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Tunisia, Libya, Kingdom of Lesotho, Kingdom of Morocco, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Central African Republic, Republic of Angola, Republic of Benin, Republic of Botswana, Republic of Burundi, Republic of Cape Verde, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Republic of Djibouti, Republic of The Gambia, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Liberia, Republic of Madagascar, Republic of Malawi, Republic of Mali, Republic of Mauritius, Republic of Mozambique, Republic of Namibia, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of Sierra Leone, Republic of South Africa, Republic of South Sudan, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Zambia, Republic of Zimbabwe, Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Chad, Republic of Congo, Republic of Niger, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Sudan, Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Federal Republic of Somalia, Gabonese Republic, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Togolese Republic, United Republic of Tanzania, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Union of the Comoros

Asia (26 countries)

Brunei Darussalam, Federation of Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of India, Republic of Singapore, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Kyrgyz Republic, People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan


 Central America (7 countries)

Belize, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of Guatemala, Republic of Honduras, Republic of Nicaragua, Republic of Panama


 The Caribbean 15 countries

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Commonwealth of Dominica, Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Guyana, Republic of Haiti, Republic of Suriname, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia


 Europe (43)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Swiss Confederation, Russian Federation, Georgia, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Republic of Lithuania, Montenegro, Principality of Andorra, Kingdom of Belgium, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Sweden, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Republic of Albania, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Austria, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Finland, Republic of Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Malta, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Poland, Republic of San Marino, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Turkey, Slovak Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, French Republic, Hellenic Republic (Greece), Italian Republic, Portuguese Republic, Romania, Ukraine

Middle East (15)

United Arab Emirates, State of Israel, State of Kuwait, State of Palestine, State of Qatar, Republic of Iraq, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Arab Republic of Egypt, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Yemen, Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanese Republic, Sultanate of Oman


 Pacific (17 countries)

Australia, Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Independent State of Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Niue, New Zealand, Kingdom of Tonga, Republic of Fiji, Republic of Kiribati, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Nauru, Republic of Palau, Republic of Vanuatu, Tuvalu


Non-Self-Governing Territories (12)

Anguilla, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, New Caledonia, Pitcairn Islands, Western Sahara, Saint Helena, Tokelau


The following people are not eligible to apply for the Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico:

  • Foreign diplomats accredited in Mexico and their direct family members
  • Outsiders in Mexico who DO NOT have a Temporary Student Resident stay in Mexico
  • Foreign citizens with Mexican nationality, including children of Mexican parents
  • International applicants with a Mexican visa for family unity or intending to obtain it
  • Previous year scholarship recipients from any Federal Government Institution
  • Scholarship recipients from any agency of the Government of Mexico
  • Former grantees of AMEXCID who applied for a scholarship when the same number of months during which the benefits received have not elapsed

List of Universities:


  1. Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla – BUAP
  2. Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, Baja California – CICESE
  3. Center for Research in Food and Development, A.C. – CIAD
  4. Center for Research in Geospatial Information Sciences, A.C. – CENTROGEO
  5. Center for Research in Mathematics, A.C. – CIMAT
  6. Center for Research in Advanced Materials, S.C. – CIMAV
  7. Center for Research in Applied Chemistry – CIQA
  8. Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute – CINVESTAV
  9. Center for Economic Research and Teaching, A.C. – CIDE
  10. Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology – CIESAS
  11. Northwest Biological Research Center, S.C. – CIBNOR
  12. Center for Research in Optics, A.C. – CIO
  13. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center – CIMMYT
  14. College of Postgraduates – COLPOS
  15. College of Jalisco, A.C. – EL COLJAL
  16. College of the Northern Border – EL COLEF
  17. College of the Southern Border – ECOSUR
  18. College of Mexico, A.C. – COLMEX
  19. College of Michoacán, A.C. – COLMICH
  20. College of San Luis A.C. – COLSAN
  21. College of Sonora – COLSON
  22. College of Tlaxcala A.C. – COLTLAX
  23. Mexican College, A.C. – CMQ
  24. National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography “Manuel del Castillo Negrete” – ENCRYM
  25. Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences – FLACSO
  26. Institute of Ecology, A.C. – INECOL
  27. Institute for Dr. José María Luis Mora Research – IMORA
  28. Mexican Institute of Water Technology – IMTA
  29. National Institute of Anthropology and History – INAH
  30. National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics – INAOE
  31. National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy – INEEL
  32. National Institute for Nuclear Research – ININ
  33. National Institute of Genomic Medicine – INMEGEN
  34. National Institute of Public Health – INSP
  35. National Polytechnic Institute – IPN
  36. Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico – ITAM
  37. Technological Institute of Aguascalientes – ITA
  38. Technological Institute of Ciudad Victoria – ITCV
  39. Technological Institute of Celaya – ITC
  40. Technological Institute of Chetumal – ITCH
  41. Technological Institute of Colima – ITCOLIMA
  42. Technological Institute of Conkal – ITCONKAL
  43. Technological Institute of Culiacán – ITC
  44. Technological Institute of Durango – ITD
  45. Technological Institute of La Paz – ITLP
  46. Technological Institute of Mérida – ITM
  47. Technological Institute of Morelia – ITMORELIA
  48. Technological Institute of Nuevo León – ITNL
  49. Technological Institute of Roque – ITR
  50. Technological Institute of Tuxtla Gutiérrez – ITTG
  51. Technological Institute of Veracruz – ITV
  52. Technological Institute of the Valley of Oaxaca – ITVO
  53. Higher Technological Institute of Misantla – ITSM
  54. Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica – ITSPR
  55. Higher Technological Institute of Tantoyuca – ITSTA
  56. Technological University of Ecatepec – TESE
  57. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education – ITESM
  58. Aeronautical University in Querétaro – UNAQ
  59. Antonio Narro Autonomous Agricultural University – UAAAN
  60. Chapingo Autonomous University – UACH
  61. Autonomous University of Baja California – UABC
  62. Autonomous University of Chiapas – UNACH
  63. Autonomous University of Chihuahua – UACH
  64. Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez – UACJ
  65. Autonomous University of Coahuila – UADEC
  66. Autonomous University of Nuevo León – UANL
  67. Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí – UASLP
  68. Autonomous University of Sinaloa – UAS
  69. Autonomous University of Tamaulipas – UAT
  70. Autonomous University of Tlaxcala – UATX
  71. Autonomous University of Zacatecas “Francisco García Salinas” – UAZ
  72. Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo – UAEH
  73. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico – UAEMEX
  74. Autonomous University of the State of Quintana Roo – UQROO
  75. Metropolitan Autonomous University – UAM
  76. University of Sciences and Arts of Chiapas – UNICACH
  77. University of Colima – U DE C
  78. University of Guadalajara – UDEG
  79. University of Guanajuato – UGTO
  80. University of Monterrey – UDEM
  81. University of the Cloister of Sor Juana – UCSJ
  82. University of the Sea – UMAR
  83. Ibero-American University, Mexico City
  84. La Salle University, Mexico – LA SALLE
  85. Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo – UMSNH
  86. National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM
  87. National Pedagogical University – UPN
  88. Polytechnic University of Puebla – UPPUE
  89. Polytechnic University of Tulancingo – UPT
  90. Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla, A.C. – UPAEP
  91. Veracruz University – UV

Required Documents

Applicants of different study levels should provide some general and specific application documents as mentioned below:

  • Online application form
  • All academic documents (Certificate, Diploma, and Transcripts)
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Signed declaration letter by the applicant (Format 1)
  • Curriculum Vitae of a maximum of 4 pages with applicant’s signature (Format 2)
  • Copy of a medical certificate from a public or private healthcare institution dated no more than 3 (three) months

For undergraduate and graduate level mobilities:

  • Acceptance letter or letter of introduction from a Mexican University not more than 60 days from the date of issuance indicating a GPA of 85 (on a 0 to 100 scaling system or 8.5 on a scale of 10)
  • Copy of the letter from the home institution showing the educational credits of the subjects or studies in Mexico.
  • If the mobility is carried out in a language other than Spanish or the mother tongue, a copy of the communication issued by the receiving Institution
  • If the candidate is already pursuing a degree in Mexico, a copy of the academic transcript indicating a GPA of 85 (on a scale of 0 to 100 or 8.5 on a scale of 10)
  • A copy of the previous degree certificate for graduate-level mobilities

Master’s Degree, Doctorate:

  • Acceptance letter or letter of introduction from a Mexican University not more than 60 days from the date of issuance indicating a GPA of 85 (on a 0 to 100 scaling system or 8.5 on a scale of 10)
  • Copy of the immediate previous degree
  • Copy of the studies certificate from the last study period, issued by the home Institution, indicating a GPA of 85 (on a scale of 0 to 100 or 8.5 on a scale of 10)
  • If the candidate is already pursuing a degree in Mexico, a copy of the academic record that certifies a minimum cumulative GPA of 85 (on a scale of 0 to 100 or 8.5 on a scale of 10)
  • If the studies are in a language other than Spanish mother language, a copy of the communication from the receiving Institution

Research stays at the graduate level:

  • Copy of the immediate previous degree (Master or doctorate as applicable)
  • Copy of the certificate of studies from the last period attended in the Institution of origin indicating a GPA of 85 (on a scale of 0 to 100 or 8.5 on a scale of 10). Candidates with a Ph.D. degree do not need to prove a minimum average
  • The acceptance letter indicates that tutoring is for research development, the person who will advise the applicant and the research’s name.
  • If the research stay is in a language other than Spanish and the applicant’s native language, a copy of the communication from the receiving Institution

Important Notes:

  • Documents that are not Spanish must have a simple translation into Spanish with the applicant’s signature on a separate sheet.
  • The applicant must submit colored documentation in PDF format of a maximum size of 1.8 MB
  • All documents must be attached to the application in the system before the close of the Call.
  • The documents must be legible.
  • The applicant must match the passport signature and sign in blue ink for documents requiring a signature.

Application Date and Process

  • Click on the link to the application website to begin your application process.

Application Deadline

28 June, 2024

Scholarship Application Portal

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