World Summit Awards (WSA) Young Innovators 2024

Applications are open for the World Summit Awards (WSA) Young Innovators 2024. Click here to learn more about this opportunity and apply for it.

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About World Summit Awards (WSA) Young Innovators

Opportunity Details

Join the global stage for digital innovations from under 26-years old achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. WSA is on the lookout for revolutionary digital innovations created by young visionaries who are actively addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within their local communities across the globe.

The participation in the WSA Young Innovators is open to any entrepreneur, company, student group or project team - at least one of the founding members and the majority of the team must be under the age of 26 (born on or after January 1, 1998).

Submissions for the WSA Young Innovators can contain all mobile and web-based solutions, such as: apps, web pages, applications for wearables, kiosk installations, SMS based products, games and interactive productions. There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the solutions work with. All submissions have to be launched products. No drafts, ideas or unfinished projects can be accepted.

Benefits of World Summit Awards (WSA) Young Innovators

The contest gives participants a chance to pitch their solution to a global network of national experts, building valuable connections in the process. The winners will get win the chance to join WSA in Hyderabad India for the 19th WSA Global Congress. This will give winners the chance to:

  • Connect with likeminded people including partners, investors, and fellow impact entrepreneurs.
  • Join the knowledge society of thought leaders, innovators and stakeholders in a community that fosters collaboration over competition.
  • Access unique opportunities through WA's global network.
  • Learn globally and act locally - get to know specialists solving similar problems to you, and transfer their learnings to your local ecosystem.

World Summit Awards (WSA) Young Innovators Requirments

  • Open to those under 26 from UN and UNESCO member states;
  • Only launched products with local impact and alterations from previous submissions are eligible;
  • Producers grant WSA non-commercial exploitation rights for promotional purposes;
  • English is the official language for communication and database information;
  • Incomplete or guideline-defying submissions may be disqualified at the jury's discretion.
  • Submission guidelines encompass adherence to human rights principles and exclusion of content promoting violence, fraud, racism, or discrimination.

Application Date and Process

  • Click on the link to the application website to apply.

Here are some tips to help your application:

  • Include an Explainer Video (Recommended: Provide a short, high-resolution video about your digital solution. The video should offer a concise and clear overview, helping jury members understand your innovation before reviewing the text. This isn't mandatory but is highly recommended.
  • Short Description of Your Digital Solution: Write a brief 2-3 sentence description that gives the jury a quick insight into your solution, its purpose, and the problem it addresses. This summary will also be used for PR, social media, and the WSA website.
  • Problem and Solution: Clearly describe the local issue your solution addresses and its impact. Provide comprehensive details on how your solution works and the results it aims to achieve. This should give jurors a clear and concise understanding of your solution's purpose and effectiveness.
  • Local Context and Relevance: Explain why your solution is relevant to your local area and its impact. Highlight the specific local circumstances to help the international jury understand its significance.
  • Stage of Development: Indicate your solution's current phase: established, fully functioning, testing, or beta version. If in testing or beta, specify the planned launch date and remaining tasks.
  • Competition and Target Group: Identify your competitors and your solution's unique selling point (USP). Specify your target groups (e.g., young mothers, children, unemployed) and user base.
  • Team and Motivation: Introduce your team, highlighting members' experiences, governance structure, and advisory support. Explain your motivation and goals for developing the solution.
  • Impact and Achievements: Share success metrics and milestones (e.g., number of users, partners, countries). Detail the measurable impact on your community and which Global Goals (SDGs) your solution addresses.
  • Technology and Testing: Mention any relevant technologies (e.g., AR, VR, Al) involved in your solution. Provide information on how jurors can test your solution, including login details and navigation tips.
  • Sustainability and Business Model: Explain how your business is financially sustained and its long-term economic viability. Share details about your business and revenue model.

Application Deadline

15 October, 2024

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