GCUB-Mob Master and PhD Scholarships 2024, Brazil

The GCUB International Mobility Program, or GCUB-Mob, offers scholarships to international students for 2024/25. Click here to learn more about this opportunity and apply for it.

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About GCUB-Mob Master and PhD Scholarships 2024

Opportunity Details

Applicants from countries wishing to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degrees at associated Brazilian universities can apply for this scholarship. This program, initiated by the International Cooperation Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), aims to promote academic, scientific, and cultural relations among member institutions while fostering university internationalization through collaboration with international organizations and foreign universities.

Benefits of GCUB-Mob Master and PhD Scholarships 2024

Selected candidates will benefit from the program as follows:

  • Exemption from enrollment fees, tuition, or academic fees
  • Monthly scholarships based on Brazilian federal funding standards
  • Access to university facilities and services such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and other university services

Note: Applicants should be able to support themselves for initial financial expenses until the first scholarship payment

GCUB-Mob Master and PhD Scholarships 2024 Requirments

All applicants should meet these requirements:

  • Applicants should have citizenship of a country with diplomatic relations with Brazil
  • Not holding Brazilian nationality
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Ability to finance additional expenses not covered by the scholarship
  • They must have applied for a Master’s or Doctoral program (Each applicant can enroll in up to five Master’s or Doctoral programs)
  • Submit graduation diploma for Master’s or Doctoral applications
  • Additional requirements for Doctoral candidates regarding previous degrees
  • Their application should be in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French.

Required Documents

To apply for Master’s or Doctoral scholarships with monthly stipends, candidates must use the Online Application Form exclusively. They need to upload the required documents in PDF format directly onto the form:

  • Copy the identification document (citizenship, passport, or national identification document) in PDF format.
  • Curriculum Vitae (no need to include proof of courses or experience at the time of application, but they may be requested later).
  • For Master’s candidates: Diploma, certificate of completion of university studies, or declaration from the university certifying completion of an undergraduate course.
  • For Doctorate candidates: Diploma or certificate of completion of university studies for an undergraduate course or bachelor’s degree, and Master’s degree if required by the chosen Doctoral program.
  • Two essays for each program of study options chosen:
  • Essay 1: Academic expectations and interests; professional expectations and perspectives for returning to the country of origin (maximum 1,000 words).
  • Essay 2: Justification for selection, central theme, research problem, delimitation and justification of the object of study, literature review, methodological process, timeline, and bibliographical references (maximum 4,000 words each).
  • For university professors: proof of binding contract with an institution of higher education.

Selection Process

The three-phase evaluation process includes document analysis, merit assessment, and final classification. Evaluation criteria include academic merit, geographical distribution, and gender equality:

Phase 1: Documental Consistency Analysis:

  • Conducted by a Committee appointed by the Executive Board of GCUB, overseen by a GCUB-associated University.
  • Analysis of submitted documentation as per the outlined requirements.
  • Incomplete or late submissions lead to elimination.

Phase 2: Analysis of Merit and Admissibility:

  • Responsibility of host universities.
  • GCUB forwards approved applications from Phase 1 to chosen universities.
  • Universities assess applications based on provided documents, aiming to pre-approve candidates.
  • Universities are encouraged to pre-approve four times more candidates than available scholarships.
  • Consideration of geographical distribution and academic merit.

Phase 3: Final Classification:

  • Conducted by an Evaluation Advisory Committee comprising PhD-holding professors from GCUB-linked universities.
  • The committee distributes and ranks pre-approved candidates from Phase 2 based on specified criteria.
  • Criteria include geographical distribution, academic affiliations, course preferences, Human Development Index, and gender equality.
  • No reconsideration requests are accepted during any stage of the application selection process.
  • Neither GCUB nor participating universities issue documents to applicants during the selection phases.

Selection Results:

  • Results are announced on GCUB’s website.
  • Selected candidates are notified via email, including information on approval, university, and selected courses.
  • Substitutes are called if a candidate declines the scholarship based on the Evaluation Advisory Committee’s ranking.

University Responsibilities:

  • Selected candidates receive an Acceptance Letter from the host university in the third phase.
  • For candidates in Health Sciences, an additional letter from the Program Coordinator outlines limitations on patient procedures.
  • Candidates in Medical programs receive specific guidelines regarding medical practice, including supervision responsibilities.
  • An electronic format acceptance letter was sent to applicants, with a copy sent to GCUB.
  • Host universities may also send a hard copy of the Acceptance Letter to candidates’ addresses.

Application Date and Process

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Upload required documents in PDF format.
  • Submit applications within the specified deadline.

Application Deadline

17 June, 2024

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